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kickoff yoga week with boundless circle!


on 1:19 pm May 2nd, 2012 / Be the first to comment! »

Kick off yoga week with Boundless Circle! Saturday, May 12 from 4-6 p.m.

Get Yoga Week off to the right start with Boundless Circle, Saturday,
May 12 from 4-6 p.m.

On May 12, Circle will meet at Meridian Hill Park, upper level, to
enjoy a light yoga practice and the beautiful spring weather. Please
bring yourself, a blanket or mat to sit on, and a snack to share. As
always, please feel free to bring a friend to Circle! Please RSVP to
Erin Duncan —

Circle is a social event for the entire Boundless community – and
guests – offering an opportunity to get to know one another off the

** In the event of rain, Circle will be held at Boundless Yoga Studio.

Rediscovering My Mat

on 2:38 am May 21st, 2010 / Be the first to comment! »

Recently, a number of things in life have sidetracked me from yoga. I was on a great pattern of practicing daily, after setting a personal goal of a daily yoga for 30 days. I far surpassed that goal and just kept going, stopped counting days, enjoying the “me” time that I was carving out of every day. Then life simply didn’t allow for it. Or perhaps I allowed my schedule to take over, right? Still, this past weekend and week, I have gotten back on my mat, and I shouldn’t be surprised that I am stuck in all sorts of places in my body. Adho muhka svanasana (down dog), a common pose that you’ll do in most classes, is less accessible to me. The pose tells me where I need to breathe, relax, and focus – and wow, my shoulders are unforgiving. This being yoga week, I hope that others start to (re)discover their mats too. It’s wonderful to hear about the first timers coming to class, hungry to learn. It reminds me of when I started yoga, the thrill of that first sirsanana (headstand), the desire to do every pose without props because I thought using props was a crutch. Ha! Now I own blocks and straps and use them in every home practice. And now, after a few weeks out of practice, I need props more than ever. I am humbled by what my body does, and does not, remember.