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Who are you in your class? We want to know. To help you progress in your yoga practice, we have organized Boundless classes by level, leading up to our Immersion Workshops, which take place most Saturdays 2-4 pm. Read more about our teachers here and below, about the details of poses and personal attention you will receive in every level of a Boundless Yoga class.

Our focus is on alignment, breath, natural movement and stillness. We many styles of class including Iyengar flowprenatal and postnataltherapeutic and gentle yoga yin yoga, yoga for 50+, and hybrid styles designed to foster transformation in the body. Private sessions are also available.

Yoga 1

Taught by Boundless graduates Ashley W, Liz, and Carol, Yoga 1 classes teach a simple and grounded approach to yoga asana. In these classes you will learn how 1) to start internalizing the basic benefits of yoga immediately, 2) to do standing poses and other basic sitting, forward folding, and back-bending poses well, and 3) to keep your core toned, and 4) to decrease pain in your back, neck, or other chronic problem areas in your body. This class is enjoyed primarily by our Bija memebers!

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Yoga 1-2

This is the most-taught class on the Boundless schedule! It combines Yoga 1 and Yoga 2 principles of yoga poses. It offers a challenge to Yoga 1 students and the right amount of detail to Yoga 2s for advancing their practice. All Yoga 1-2 classes also will direct you to the Senior Teacher (Kim, Winnie, James, or Leah) who’s right for you — make sure to ask your which one it is!

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Yoga 2

Taught Tuesdays and Saturdays by Leigh Ann and Michael Vetter, Yoga 2 is the place where you learn how to: a) do inversions with better alignment, b) do more complicated poses while perfecting your approach to the poses you’ve learned in Yoga 1, and 3) advance your mind’s response to the poses you are learning.

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Yoga 3

Boundless Yoga’s most advanced class after the Immersion Workshops on Saturdays, this class will challenge everything you think you know about asana. To take this class, you must be practicing three+ minute headstands (preferably away from wall, but against wall OK), handstands, forearm balance, and five+ minute shoulderstands, and you should have some knowledge of more advanced backbends, forward bends, arm balances, and twists. Kim teaches all generally recognized advanced poses in this class.

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All Levels Flow

Our All Levels Flow classes are taught by three beautiful Boundless flow-gis, JoyLayne, Elissa, and Michelle. Designed to generate heat, elasticity and strength in the body, classes are stylistically creative and link poses together in a continuous movement powered by the breath. All Boundless Flow classes — including our Power Flow classes – are open to all levels and cue safe alignment principles so that you can move swiftly, without injury, from pose to pose.

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Flow 1

This alignment-inspired, slow approach to the basics of vinyasa flow yoga is taught by Boundless’ Head of Flow, Elissa Margolin. Learn the best of the basics of Sun Salutes, Moon Salutes, and a fundamentally solar/lunar approach to movement and breath.

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flow 2

Take this warming, breath-based class from Boundless Flow teacher Elissa that will deepen you practice in all direction. Flow 2 is for intermediate and advanced practitioners who thrive on a faster-paced, warm-it-up sequence that includes inversions, deep backbends, and other advanced poses.

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Power Flow

Taught by Ugonma, Power Yoga is a muscularly challenging class. Get ready for the freedom of flow with the added challenge of longer holds of abdominal, back, and arm strengthening poses! Quick inversions are often offered toward the end of class — take Power Flow as a window into more advanced classes at Boundless!

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Sunrise flow

Greet the sun, the day, and your new self every morning you practice with Boundless power flow teacher Ugonma at 6:45 am on Thursdays. This class is a smooth flow, a way to work out the kinks before the day begins, and set the patterns of linking your breath with movement all day lon

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Yoga for the core

Turn up the burn with Carol Nesemann, who loves teaching the core. She’ll lead your through both lengthening and strengthening your deep abdominal muscles at the same time! You’ll learn how to move away from thinking about building up that six-pack, and toward the feeling of stability, strength, and movement in the core all at the same time.

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Prenatal Yoga

Our prenatal class is designed for women in any stage of pregnancy. You are also welcome in the Mom and Baby Class. Whether you are quelling the anxieties, nausea, and exhaustion of the first trimester, celebrating your new belly and strength in the second trimester, or managing the aches, pains, and discomforts of late pregnancy, this class will meet your body where it is and ease your journey into motherhood — or into the next phase of motherhood. At Boundless, we believe in both challenging the pregnant body as well as recognizing and honoring all the changes going on that are designed to make way for baby.

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Yoga for Athletes

The Yoga for Athletes class, taught by Senior Teacher James (Mondays) and teacher Chris Duling (Wednesdays) focuses on developing balance in the body, develpoing mental clarity and attention and injury prevention through intelligent listening and undoing. Athletes from a wide variety of backgrounds come to develop a practice that supports their athletic pursuits. This class also welcomes non-athletes who are interested in the tenets of healthy movement.

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Sunset Yin Yoga

Taught by Yoga Works-trained teacher Elissa Margolin and Boundless Yoga trained Michael Vetter, our Sunday and Wednesday Sunset Yin classes wrap the benefits of weekend up in a 75 minute experience — and give you the chance to catch your breath midweek. Take both these classes to settle your body in to a rhythm on Sunday night that you can sustain all week long The practice focuses on longer, deeper holds of poses (called yin or restorative yoga) to help us access deep-tissue stress and then let it go. Increase your awareness and potency at the same time, and learn how yoga can calm and restore you.

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Mom and Baby Yoga

Our Mom and Baby yoga class is the place for mothers to practice yoga with their little ones. Come with any baby not yet walking, and we’ll design a yoga practice for the both of you. The style is very open and improvises based on the needs of each group, each week. *Prenatal students also are welcome here!

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Gentle Yoga

Similar to our Sunset Yin Yoga class, Gentle Yoga teaches longer holds in poses designed to help you relax and renew. Gentle Yoga is perfect for people ages 50+, because it also teaches strength and — one of the major challenges of aging — balance and stability. This class focuses on gentle standing, seated, and supine poses, and is taught by Boundless veteran (and 74-year old) Cecilie Jones.

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Immersion Workshops

This class is most Saturdays at 2 pm. It is taught by the cooperative group of Boundless Yoga Senior Teachers Kim, James, Winnie, and Leah. Each class takes on the teacher’s own individual style, and the teachers communicate with each other about the class. If you are interested in attending, register from our workhops page.

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Breath and Meditation

Taught by Boundless founder Kim Weeks, this drop in class offers an important window into ease and calm on Saturday mornings. It’s a one-hour exploration of both the breath and the mind, and any level of practitioner is welcome. We recommend two things for this class: 1) At least one year of sustained yoga asana practice, and 2) A commitment to coming regularly.

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Boundless Yoga

Boundless Yoga is a class taught on Saturdays by Kim Weeks, Boundless Founder and Senior Teacher. This class is a physically and mentally challenging Yoga 1-2 class, and preparations for inversions are sometimes offered. Try this class as a window in to many other Boundless classes, and to relax and renew for your weekend! This class will take you deeply into standing poses particularly, as well as other advanced beginner and some intermediate poses.

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Yoga and Movement

Yoga and Movement is a class taught by Boundless Senior Teacher James Foulkes. It is a  combination of yoga work on the connective tissue, as well as on the mind and breath. The whole body is considered, as is meeting the body where it is on that day and time.

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Seeing Bodies

prasarita padottanasana pose - therapeutic yoga practice at boundless yogaExperience the Boundless difference by scheduling a 30-minute private practice assessment Saturday morning between 8:00 am and 9:30 am with Kim Weeks, Owner and Founder. Seeing Bodies will teach you more about your body than you’ve ever learned in a yoga class.  Seeing Bodies will will jump-start — or energize — your home practice and connect you with our support system for growth in your yoga practice. Seeing Bodies is FREE for all members including Bija Intro Members.

In a Seeing Bodies session, you can:

  • Ask questions about specific poses that may interest you, or receive guidance and feedback about your yoga practice in general.
  • Learn how to start or deepen a home practice by identifying poses that will take your yoga to the next level.
  • Work to treat injuries and unhealthy patterns (such as tightness) by addressing their root causes within the body.
  • Learn how to modify poses to better suit your body, both at home and in a larger class setting.


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Iyengar 1-2

Iyengar Yoga is a class taught by Boundless Senior Teacher Winnie Au. Iyengar Yoga is a famous style of yoga founded by Yogacharya BKS Iyengar Yoga, considered one of the foremost teachers in the world. Poses are held for longer periods of time, sequences are carefully planned, and classes typically culminate into a “peak” or most-challenging pose for that class that is used to explain larger concepts of skeletal and muscular alignment. Iyengar 1-2 is appropriate for most Boundless students.

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...the teachers are simply better at boundless. They are better trained and better at seeing what is going on with my body, and how to improve my practice. They also remember my name...