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Liz Bingham


Liz has been practicing yoga since 2002 and was certified through Boundless Yoga’s RYT 200 training program in August 2010. She discovered yoga in college at George Washington University, quickly realizing the long-term benefits of a straighter spine and a calmer mind. After taking a year-long hiatus to teach English in France, she returned to the states eager to deepen her practice. That’s when she found Boundless Yoga and was inspired to become a yoga instructor.

Liz’s excitement for the practice of yoga is evident in her teaching style. Her intentions are to motivate her students with challenging sequences, and to correct harmful alignment in the postures. Most classes involve an energetic warm-up leading to a more complex pose. Modifications are offered for students of all levels.

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Boundless is an oasis of peace and learning in our work-obsessed city. everyone should come to Boundless to share in its approach to practicing yoga.