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kelly ann beavers


Kelly teaches a rad class on how to channel energy. She finds holiness in all things, including the beauty of our relationships, color, light, music, & math. She is from Texas and has deep love for her friends, family, and all things Southern.

She enjoys thousands of forms of art-making and considers the science of yoga an art in itself. Her classroom focus is on honoring your body, grounding, & lightening up. She is certified to teach at the 200 hour level, through Boundless’s program in 2009, and she completed the Yoga Therapy program in 2010. She also studies Energy Medicine with Kim. You can contact her re: programs/marketing at the studio as well at

Kelly teaches Restorative Yoga on Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 pm. She also teaches private sessions. She is grateful to Kim Weeks and James Foulkes for their direct and subtle communication of yoga.

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suzanne morrison is coming to boundless!

on 1:41 pm August 20th, 2011 / Be the first to comment! »

Hi everyone,

Mark your calendars for August 28th from 2:15-3:15! A bright new author is coming to studio to tell you all about her new book, Yoga Bitch. Suzanne Morrison is being featured all over the web, and I’m honored & excited to share two more of her recent pieces here. You can view her adorable You Tubes by checking out her event description here as well.

You can read her piece on Elephant Journal here & her Huffington Post piece here.

Looking forward to welcoming her on 8/28!


check out our youtube channel

on 4:43 pm August 18th, 2011 / 3 Comments »

listen to kim talk about resistance, fear, and compassion–

and how all 3 can guide you toward your own transformation!

check out our youtube channel here!



work trade call!

on 3:10 pm August 16th, 2011 / Comments Off

hi everyone,

boundless is looking for a few new work traders, so hit us up here if you are interested.

1) a spectacular new desk check-in person on thursday from 5-8:15 pm

2) a tech-savvy person to work on our online scheduler from home

3) sign up for select Saturday and Sunday shifts to help with check-in.

i can share our calendar with you, so you’ll know available dates and can choose at your convenience.



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connect directly with your own experience.

on 2:21 pm August 15th, 2011 / 2 Comments »

have you ever taken a yoga class only to marvel afterward at how substantially your perspective has changed? this is your own body providing you with feedback about all the information it has to offer you if you will deeply give it your full attention.

the boundless advanced studies programs are extremely transformative paths to discovering how you can continually connect with your own body’s experience in the moment. listen, there is an entire universe of external stimuli & a warehouse of memories out there (and in there) to wade through. you are ultimately learning to differentiate all of this from yourself — from what YOU truly are. & at the same time, you learn how to see all of it – everything – as a part of you.

“the harbor becomes the sea.” etc.

please email me asap if you’re interested at all in our ryt 200 or ryt express program. both of these choices will offer you a chance to view your body and mind anew– through a set of transformative tools we’ve been honing for years upon years upon years.

namaste! -kb

nirvana – it’s no big deal.

on 12:45 pm July 25th, 2011 / 1 Comment »

Are you curious about what Kim Weeks shared on Friday night? Of course.

Ever wonder why you experience what you experience in life? Ever question how to create (or recreate) moments when you feel zero conflict with where you are and what you are doing?

Click here to listen to a 5 min excerpt from Friday.

Are you interested in your own transformation? Comment here or contact us for details.

on 4:44 pm July 15th, 2011 / Be the first to comment! »


i am so super excited bc i just figured out how to play a Bb bar chord on my guitar. i credit this to Leah Barr and Michael Vetter’s yoga classes which I went to this week! they totally shifted my awareness into my fingertips. i am telling you – i could not play this chord last week, and i haven’t practiced ANY guitar since my last failed attempt. yayeeee for fingertips and yoga. yay for bar chords! leah and michael are so awesome!

also i wanted to share my fave quote so far from poser which members – you should find it and start reading it for book club. it’s so awesome!!

from “Prologue: Camel”

I carefully lifted out of the pose and spoke up: “Uh Fran? When I’m doing the pose, I have this feeling in my chest, kind of a scary tight feeling.”

Fran was adjusting someone across the room. She had a way of looking like a thoughtful seamstress when she made adjustments: an inch let out here, a seam straigtened there, and everything would be just right. She might as well have had pins tucked between her lips and a tape measure around her neck. Without missing a beat or looking up, she said, “Oh, that’s fear. Try the pose again.”

Fear. I hadn’t even known it was there.

interested in becoming a teacher? comment, and i’ll reply to you. it will change your world!!
interested in membership, ditto, above.

sign up for leah and michael’s classes! and
p.s. pls come see my band play at velvet lounge on august 8th.

have you read poser?

on 9:51 am July 1st, 2011 / Be the first to comment! »

Boundless offers a yoga book club as part of our monthly membership. This month our yoga book is Poser: My Life in Twenty-Three Poses by Claire Dederer. It’s book about how 23 yoga shapes relate to a woman’s life experience, as a mother. It’s been selected as a book of the month on Amazon earlier this year, and it continues to receive very passionate reviews.

It’s interesting to think of yoga shapes as having themes – this is the premise of the book. In my practice, a shape could have one theme one day, and the next day, another theme. I can’t, for example, say all my forward folds have a “relaxing” theme. I have days when folding forward is a humbling introduction to my own tension. Perhaps it is the paradox and the paying attention that is the theme? I like to think that finding the mystery in your poses – the points of change (and even confusion!) in your body, supports the joy of asana. I can’t wait to read Poser, and I’m very excited to offer you our member updates on the blog about book club!

yoga in the a.m.

on 2:45 pm June 19th, 2011 / Be the first to comment! »

hi everybody,

i wanted to let you know that we have an amazing group of women teaching early morning yoga each week. come in to studio on tuesday, wednesday, or thursday at 6:15 a.m. to check out valerie lanham, leah markowitz, and katie myer’s early morning yoga classes.

a cute message from val: Come out Tuesday morning to join an engaging group for early morning yoga! This is really the best time of the day to practice, a loving way to wake up your body. I began taking the 6:15 am class at Boundless when it began. When the teacher of many years left, I took over the class and have been teaching it for the last three years. People who take the class say things like, “I was much more aware during my day, I had more energy and wow I should do this every morning.” Give it a try, you can even show up in your PJ’s!

and cute message #2 from leah markowitz: The sun is already streaming in your bedroom window, so why not admit that you’re awake, hop out of bed, and do some yoga! Come join the Wednesday morning 6:15 class for an energizing and conscious way to start your day! You’ll stretch, strengthen, and even smile, all the more prepared for whatever else the rest of Wednesday may bring.

katie myer is a wonderful new teacher at studio, and she teaches the thursday morning class – and she says: Join us Thursday mornings for Anusara-Inspired yoga at 6:15am. Anusara yoga is a hatha-based school of yoga that combines a life-affirming philosophy with principles of alignment. Start your day with an uplifting and mindful practice designed to help you play your edge while you honor your body. You will move into your day more centered in your heart and open in your body, able to take on whatever comes your way with grace and purpose. See you on the mat!

you can read more about katie here! (thursdays)
and leah m here (wednesdays)
and val here! (tuesdays)



wanderlust festival!

on 5:49 pm June 9th, 2011 / 3 Comments »

um. what’s better than a music festival with outdoor yoga? correct. nothing! that’s why wanderlust is explosively spreading like wildfire all across the nation. please take 2 seconds to learn more about this incredible event. this year has already boasted events in new york, san francisco, pheonix, and dallas to name a few. upcoming fests are scheduled for: vermont, chicago, north lake tahoe, santa monica, and squaw valley.
be there or be square. and when ya coming to dc, wanderlust?

work trade at boundless!

on 6:55 pm May 10th, 2011 / Be the first to comment! »

boundless is looking for students who are interested in various styles of work trade with the studio, in exchange for yoga classes. please email for details!

In this section

Boundless is an oasis of peace and learning in our work-obsessed city. everyone should come to Boundless to share in its approach to practicing yoga.