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Cecilie Jones


As the clearly senior member of the teacher corps and the lone grandma, I feel extremely privileged to be counted among this wonderful group of teachers. I started yoga at Boundless a little over 3 years ago and was quickly hooked. I joined the Teacher Training class of 2008-2009, and while still involved in that course, jumped into the inaugural Advanced Teacher Training class, which started last spring. It has been a cram course, a roller coaster ride and a wonderful ongoing education. These courses have prodded me to return to an early love of philosophy; and the many facets of yoga have changed my entire outlook on life. It has been especially helpful in the gradual transition out of my life-long pursuit of a high level violin performance. Not to mention the indescribable benefits to the purely physical manifestation of me, more commonly called my body. I feel honored to be given the chance to share some of these life-changing experiences.

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Boundless is an oasis of peace and learning in our work-obsessed city. everyone should come to Boundless to share in its approach to practicing yoga.