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About Boundless Yoga

All thought, action, and bodies are energy, and Boundless Yoga wants to help you harness it. As a yoga studio and yoga training institution, we offer classes, workshops and programs to help you uncover energy in your own body, your way.

As you practice weekly yoga with us, you will discover the tools you already have to find a fluid, strong, and graceful way of living on the planet. If you decide to take your practice deeper, we’ll show you more about how each body is designed to function perfectly with its uniqueness, with its inherent flaws and challenges.

Yoga is all three of these things: Spiritual practice, science, and art. Yoga is still being refined, having begun over 5,000 years ago: great yogis are working still today to help any kind or shape of body to uncover and direct its own perfect form and function, regardless of age or perceived limitation.

Transformation starts with paying attention. Boundless Yoga directs your attention to the energy waiting to be discovered inside of you. There are many paths to your own transformation.

Classes at Boundless Yoga

Our yoga focus is on alignment, breath, natural movement and stillness. We offer Iyengar and flow classes, prenatal and postnatal yogatherapeutic and gentle classes, yin yoga, senior yoga, and hybrid styles designed to foster transformation in the body. Private sessions are also available.

In this section

Boundless is an oasis of peace and learning in our work-obsessed city. everyone should come to Boundless to share in its approach to practicing yoga.