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Simon Says


on 9:52 pm August 3rd, 2010 / Be the first to comment! »

Would Simon says be fun in a yoga class?

Simon Says stand on your right leg. Simon Says put your left foot on your right leg, *not on your knee. Simon says Wave your arms over your head! Now Shout I am awesome at this, I am Doing TREE POSE! – Oh, wait Simon didn’t say Shout that! Whoever shouted is now Simon! (Wait, do you win if you shouted . . ) Oh well, I changed the rules.

Let the New Simon begin dominating with the Left Side.

Hi, wow I’m random. How are you? Are you finding space to practice and meditate this summer? I hope so, and if not – please check in with us! Tell us about your body and your needs, and we’ll reply. (Ex: Hey Kelly, I am really really busy. I would love to take a yoga class, but it never happens. Help! -DC Friend)

There is a yoga practice for you and for everyone. If you r interested, we will help you discover what is right for your body.

What have we been up to at Boundless this week?!! (Well, other than being ecstatic about the New Space) we are making tons of To Do Lists. Is it just me – or are Google Spreadsheets and Google Docs the next best thing since Pranayama?!!!

Getting organized is a stellar way to prepare yourself for practice and stay grounded in your life on earth. What do you like to do to get organized? What do you love about your life when it is messy? I love both messy and neat spaces. How about you?

For example, I love organizing my purse for the next day.(SIdebar: I always think Andrea Chew would be great at this.) I also looove the disaster of my makeup area on my dresser; No matter how many times I organize, it becomes a wild mess each week. I LOVE THAT!!! I love being organized and making a beautiful mess. This is the joy of life. Being at peace with both spaces helps keep me gentle and true.

Other things I love are feathers, sunlight, and rocks. How about you? What is the summer showing you to love this year?

Just curious – do you love these colors (below) for Boundless’s new marketing/interior? What colors say Boundless to You?

Do you love the pretty pink roses in a jar and Emily Shaw’s gorgeous art behind it? I do.

I want to know what you are loving right now.

With peace and gratitude – Kelly

Window View of Boundless Yoga Studio in DC

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